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Your Ultimate Guide To Navigating Walt Disney World During Spring Break!

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

You've saved your pennies, made your reservations through your favorite Disney travel planner (you DID contact us, right?!), and your bags are packed! Now as you look through your itinerary you get excited, only to realize... "Oh crap, it's Spring Break!"

Now before you panic and begin sweating before you're even in the park, we have 5 tried and true tips & tricks to help you navigate the crowds in Disney World.


Tip #1: Rope Drop!

If you really want to maximize your day in the park, especially before the heat of the Florida day, this is a great way to get on those must-do rides!

So what is "Rope Dropping"? Rope dropping is getting to a Disney park early so you can be inside right when it opens (when the “rope drops”!). It usually involves arriving a little before opening so you can be as close to the front of the line as possible. People used to queue up at the entrance pretty early!

Once rope-droppers are in the park, they’ll typically head to the most popular attractions (think Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Magic Kingdom, Slinky Dog Dash in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Test Track in EPCOT, and Flight of Passage in Disney’s Animal Kingdom).


Tip #2: Take Advantage of Extra Magic Hours!

One of the best perks of staying on property is taking advantage of the Extra Magic Hours! Those that stay in Disney World Resort have the ability to either get into a park early, or extend their day by staying late. Much like Rope Dropping, it's a great way to get on those must-do rides and avoid the longer lines that come mid-day!

The Extra Magic Hours schedule changes, so be sure to check your My Disney Experience app for the current schedule! As always, if you book through us we will provide all of that information for you and your family so you'll never miss out!


Tip #3: Ride Attractions During Parades or Fireworks!

If you've been before and have seen the fireworks show or parades, or are just not interested, these are great time to get on those attractions you otherwise couldn't! We DEFINITELY recommend this if you are planning on spending more than one day in each park. Spend 1 day catching the shows, the other day(s) riding the attractions! You may even be able to ride multiple times!


Tip #4: Ride Attractions During Meal Times!

Piggybacking on to Tip #3, you may notice a dip in wait times during "normal" meal times around lunch and dinner. Plan those meals accordingly (you may even get a coveted dining reservation by eating at an off-peak time!), and you may be rewarded with a shorter wait at your favorite attraction!


Tip #5: Don't Be Afraid Of The Rain!

It will come as no surprise that it rains in Florida. Unless it's a storm, however, the attractions generally stay open. So as long as you throw on that poncho we told you to pack, you should be able to move about freely and even get on some attractions that otherwise you wouldn't be able to do!

We don't recommend shopping during this time, for obvious reasons. Everyone and their brother will be diving into the shops and restaurants to dodge the rain. So throw on your rain gear and make the most of your trip!


So those are our top 5 tips for navigating the crowds during the busy days in Disney World. You won't be able to avoid them completely, so you'll still need to wear your "patient pants". But hopefully these will give you some ideas during your next trip!

Is there anything we missed? If you're thinking about traveling to any of the Disney destinations we'd love to be your travel resource of choice. We'd love to hear from you! Contact us here!


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